The Learning environment needs to reflect the needs of each individual child and to support a wide range of learning capabilities.
A rich and varied environment supports children’s learning and development.
At Kids First each setting provides a challenging yet safe and secure environment in which to grow and learn. Our Early years centre’s provide stimulating outside play-scapes designed to enhance children’s outdoor learning experiences. We believe that the outside should be an extension of the inside setting as being outdoors has been proven to have a positive impact on children’s sense of well-being and development. We promote “natural” play and incorporate lots of environmentally friendly areas such as sustainable wooden equipment and water features. Encouraging children to explore nature and enjoy the freedom to use their senses as well as promoting physical activity. Children love to be in or around water. Filling containers, washing play cars or dolls can keep them contented and engrossed whilst fulfilling a learning objective. In the garden our children become part of nature and are encouraged to touch the earth and watch how seedlings grow. We encourage a love of living things and create a thirst for knowledge about the world around them. All Kids First Nurseries and Pre-schools have carefully designed learning areas or classrooms. Our team of educators and practitioners carefully plan and set out their learning areas to enhance the learning journey for every child. Each area is planned to emulate the home situation and are set up with equipment and resources appropriate to each age group. Children must feel comfortable and confident in their environment and as adults we must support their emotions. Each learning area is filled with a wide variety of toys and equipment that enhances children’s desire to learn. Each classroom is created to offer a dynamic and enabling environment offering children a wide variety of learning experiences and opportunities to explore and investigate.