Our mission is for all Kids First Group nursery school children to stand on their own as lifelong learners, growing in confidence and independence, prepared to be major contributors for tomorrow. All Kids First Group Nursery children are encouraged to play hard, work hard and make the most of every opportunity open to them. This way, they achieve their full potential, through the best possible guidance and practice. Our qualified and experienced early childhood educators aim to create rich and meaningful early learning experiences for each child via a varied and sturdy framework, which supports your child to develop independence, confidence, self-esteem, and a love of learning. Each of the Kids First Group Nurseries fosters a strong sense of community and provide for a supportive, nurturing and warm environment. Small classes are overseen by highly qualified, dynamic, and enthusiastic staff ensure that all our early learners benefit not only educationally but also personally. By developing their self-esteem and confidence they grow into happy, independent all-rounders of a healthy body and healthy mind. Kids First Group has been carefully developed to direct and support employees on all aspects of effective work practice and with these individuals, offer parents and carers the very best early years education. This symbol represents a solid organization and unity of early years practice. KF Group Ltd is recognized and valued as paramount providers of early years care and educational excellence. This symbol and all it embodies is represented with pride.   logo   A combination of the KFG ethos, consistency in providing quality, time and time again, and our dedicated teams that will help position Kids First Group as the recognized leaders and providers of the highest quality care and early years education in the MENA region.