At every KFG Nursery, the Director, Nursery Manager and Curriculum Coordinator lead a team of dynamic early years educators in the planning, implementation, documentation, observation and assessment of the children's learning. Our educators are continually reflecting on their own practice, so we guarantee best practice at all times. Our teams of highly experienced and qualified early years practitioners are the heart of success of each of the KFG nurseries; All our educators are viewed as competent teachers, who like the children bring with them their unique individuality, special talents that would add additional value and excitement to each setting. Our early years educators are highly qualified and experienced and bring with them valuable experiences working within the early childhood sector. Our practitioners have a high regard and duty of care to ensure that children learn in a safe, caring, and positive environment. We also embrace a strong philosophy for working and collaborating with parents, and establishing positive home-nursery partnership, as one of the primary catalyst in promoting optimal learning outcomes for children.  

Management Team

KFG is driven by dynamic and professional teams of highly qualified, dedicated, and well-experienced early childhood practitioners who advocate Kids First Group’s mission and strategic objectives with a passion. Special attention and focus is given to the development and planning of each nursery under the KFG umbrella. We love creating learning environments that are conducive to ongoing learning, growth, and development.